'That Metal Show': Bill Ward Talks the Black Sabbath Sound

Metal’s very first drummer sounds off on how he found the heavy.

All month long, we’re showcasing historical headbanger moments by way of classic clips from That Metal Show.

So far, our raid of the video vaults has highlighted AC/DC, Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, and more.

Today’s trip to the Mount Rushmore of hard rock interviews features Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward. Metal’s original beat-pounder discusses how, early on, his drumming and Geezer Butler's bass playing slammed up against Tony Iommi's monster riffs to invent nothing less than the sound from which all things heavy in music have flowed since then.

Bill further talks about Geezer's how Geezer's lyrics mixed with Ozzy Osbourne "devouring them and spitting them out" proved essential to Sabbath's spell-casting power.

TMS co-hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson respectfully take in Bill’s wisdom, but, of course, the drum deity’s hardscrabble good humor also makes it clear he’s another one of the headbanging boys, too.

As likely as this TMS moment is to send you scrambling to revisit your classic Blac Sabbath LP, be sure to come back tomorrow for another vintage video nugget featuring Kirk Hammett reliving the moment he decided to join Metallica.