Shaunie's Kids Revolt When She Asks Them To Go To A Farm To Learn Where There Food Comes From In This Sneak Peak

"You're being closed minded, you just need to try the beaver booty juice."

What's harder than trying to convince a kid to put down processed foods? Trying to get five kids to put down the sugar and pick up foods that have grown directly from the ground. Shaunie O'Neal's kiddos are not trying to go to a farm with her so they can learn how to eat better.

Chemicals and "beaver booty juice" might be added to the foods they eat, but Shaqir isn't bothered.

Her older sons think going going to a farm will turn them into vegetarians, and Myles is a-OK with the carnivore lifestyle. Shareef is more concerned that becoming vegetarians will just take more food away from the animals (thus killing them), so they might as well keep everything the way it is.

If Shaunie thought Keyonna would be on her side, since they're both adults, she should think again because all of this is above Keyonna's pay grade.

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