The 'Tough Love: Co-Ed' Interview With Porsche, Miss High Maintenance

Porsche has been the one to watch this season on Tough Love: Co-Ed because of her fiesty and defiant attitude, which ended up landing her in this week's Hot Seat. But when we spoke to her this week to discuss her big secret and her blowout with Kyle and Judy, we came away feeling like she's more of a straight-shooter than a troublemaker. She doesn't deny that this was definitely her week to be in the Hot Seat but, she jokes, maybe it was just because her makeup was so on point.

Can you enlighten us a little on what really happened between you, Kyle, and Judy?

It started innocently enough, Kyle had been having conversations with me and amongst all the girls about how she did not like Kris and she was trying to prepare for a conversation with him to be like, you always tell me to shut up when I'm talking and you don't want me to talk anymore, you cut me off, and that's rude. So I was like, you're not making progress by telling us, tell him! So randomly she tried to tell him in a room full of people which was awkward, and just to lighten the mood, I was like, girl, you have to be more aggressive so he'll understand, so I was over the top about it and it was funny. But after we all kind of laughed about it, she continued to badger him and pointing her finger in his face. I took it upon myself to be like, hey Kyle, chill out, enough is enough, and when I said that, she called me a bitch.

Of course I went into defense mode and I let her have it, I gave her a proper tongue-lashing. Later on when I went upstairs, she told me how she didn't like how I talked to her and I hurt her feelings, which I understand. My approach could have been more tactful, but at the same time, she could have been as well. As we're apologizing to each other, Judy assumed we were still upstairs arguing, so she took it upon herself to call a family meeting and I was like "No, we're good," and she came upstairs and I was like "NO," and I guess because Judy wasn't able to save the day, she probably took offense. In short, Judy thought we were arguing and when she came upstairs, we had a big disagreement as well just because the tone and her wanting to play the mommy role, which I didn't think was necessary. Obviously something that started out very small ended up being blown out of proportion.

What made you join the show, was it a self-awareness that you were high maintenance, or did you have other things you wanted to work on?

I know that I had some issues with dating, and I felt like in my younger days I probably did have unreasonable expectations of dating, but I think I made a shift once I got more mature, so it made me wonder like, why am I still single? I couldn't quite understand it and I wanted to know if there were things I was doing that maybe my friends or family were too nice to tell me or tried to tell me but couldn't find the right way to say it. I've seen the show before and I know that Steve can whip people into shape and realize what their faults are and work toward their relationship goals.

On your date, you took a long time to get to what your actual secret [having been cheated on by an ex, who was an athlete] really was. When you watched it back, how did you feel?

It was painful to watch! It made it seem like I took three and a half days to tell my story! But anything about my ex, that's not stuff I'll just disclose on a date. Just as I wouldn't talk about my ex, I would expect my date not to talk about their ex. While I understood the task at hand and I value disclosing information when you're forming new relationships, I didn't think that my secret was, one, a secret, and two, that it could be brought up in conversation organically.

How do you feel about that date landing you in the Hot Seat?

I don't think my behavior warranted a Hot Seat visit by any means, but my makeup was awesome that night so I thought it was perfect for me to be up close and personal, so why not? Just kidding. I do think I've done better on other tasks, and ultimately I bombed and ended up in the Hot Seat, and it was perfect timing with the whole blow up in the house. Compared to my housemates, I think they all did an awesome job, so compared to them, absolutely, I earned a spot in the Hot Seat.

Overall, how was bootcamp for you and how did it help you?

I think it was helpful and made me look at myself in a different light. Just being in a house with so many different people, you're also able to learn from them. Things that you think you're a rock star at and you see other people doing, you're able to point that out or be like, oh, I kinda do that too, it gives you a different perspective on life and dating.