Yandy Is Sick of Helping Bianca, Advises Against Juju Casting Her in Her "Secrets Of A Jewel" Play

"I'm rooting for her from the sidelines right now."

You would think Yandy would want Bianca to be in an environment where she would strive and although Juju wants to offer her one, Mrs. Smith-Harris thinks it isn't a good idea.

Juju and Yandy haven't seen one another since Bianca popped on Jonathan and

in this deleted scene from Love & Hip Hop, they both agree that was a crazy night. What they don't agree on is if Bianca was justified in her reaction. Juju understands why the young Harlem rapper went off the way she did; it's infuriating that Jonathan wouldn't say who told him this gossip.

Yandy disagrees, explaining that that no matter the circumstance, Jonathan didn't deserve to be disrespected like that. As a big sis figure, Juju feels that Bianca is beautiful and talented but needs guidance. Yandy is tired and at this point is done with helping her former artist but Juju has an idea for Bianca. With "Secrets of a Jewel" turning into a play, Juju wants Bianca to be apart of it but doesn't want anyone unprofessional on set. If Juju was anyone else, Yandy would cosign Bianca but as her sister, she doesn't think it is a good idea.

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