What Part of the Game is That? How Is It That Meek Mill Received More Time Than Convicted Sex Offenders and Other Felons?

Something doesn't quite add up.

The news and social media are currently dominated by allegations of sexual abuse committed by celebrities we once revered. The question on everyone's mind: How are they being brought to justice?

Case in point: Rapper Meek Mill was recently sentenced to 2 to 4 years for reckless driving after he posted a video to his Instagram of himself riding a bike without a helmet. Compare this to former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was sentenced to a mere 21-months in jail after pleading guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old minor --- even going so far as to include his young son next to him as he posed for a photo to the girl. Weiner's engagement with a minor in a sexual situation received less time than Meek did for reckless driving, so we're left questioning the system itself.

To back track, Meek Mill was recently sentenced to state prison for violating probation by recklessly driving his motorcycle back in August. The musician was first arrested on drug and gun charges in 2008. After a series of probation violations, Judge Genece Brinkley, issued the Wins & Losses rapper with an L when she delivered her verdict this week sentencing him to a minimum of two years in prison. It should be noted that since sentencing, multiple reports have come out insinuating that the judge's decision in this case was biased because she was allegedly enamored with Meek.

Now, I'm no lawyer (except on Wednesday nights after Olivia collars a perp) but the legal system, especially as it relates to celebrities, doesn't add up, especially when you compare them to Meek's crimes. Take a look at this list of celebrities including the crimes they've committed, and the time they served (or didn't serve) and see what we mean.

Lindsay Lohan

In May 2007, Lohan was arrested for driving under the influence and later began rehab for 45 days. Not even two weeks later, Lindsay was arrested again for another DUI, driving with a suspended license and the kicker, felony possession of cocaine. After pleading guilty, the actress was sentenced to a mere one day in jail, community service, three years probation, and an alcohol education program. After another stint in rehab, this time for three months, she was released due to overcrowding. After failure to appear in court numerous times, her probation was extended for an additional year. More missed court dates landed her a 90-day sentence in jail and 90 more in rehab in May 2010 where she served only 14 in jail and 23 in rehab. In September of the same year, she spent an additional day in jail and entered yet another facility for substance abuse. In February 2011, she was arrested for theft from a jewelry store to which she was sentenced to 120 days, a sentence that was later reduced to a 35-day house arrest. Due to not fulfilling community service, Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in November 2011 and served less that five hours because of what? More overcrowding. Following a 2012 car accident, Lindsay was sentenced in March 2013 to 90 days in a treatment center to which she served some time between May and July 2013. Finally in 2015 Lindsay, for the first time in a long time, found herself a totally free woman when a judge ended her probation. Now she has an accent. All told, she has spent less than a month in jail for multiple drug, theft and and DUI arrests.

Anthony Weiner

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner pled guilty back in May for sexting a 15-year-old girl. In September, he was sentenced to 21 months coupled with three years probation and registry as a sex offender. Originally, Weiner was facing up to ten years for participating in video messaging with the teen between February 17th and February 23rd of last year along with an obscene snap chat message one month later after the young girl made it clear she was merely 15, but for --- what reason?? we don't know --- he received a lighter sentence.

Shia LeBeouf

Shia LeBeouf has had so many run-ins with the law that in 2015 he laid it all out in a book titled Prison Ramen. He details his five arrests (at the time) including a 2014 arrest where the actor was charged with disorderly conduct. He accepted a plea deal of six months of alcohol treatment including time served of three months. After six months of avoiding incidents with the law, LeBeouf's record was dismissed and sealed. Unfortunately earlier this year the Transformers actor was busted once again for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction. He has since been released but not charged.

Winona Ryder

In November of 2003, Ryder was convicted of grand theft and felony vandalism for shoplifting at at Saks Fifth Ave in Beverly Hills. She was acquitted of the other charge of commercial burglary and sentenced to three years probation, 480-hours of community service, and a counseling program along with $10,000 in restitution and fines. In 2004, her charges were reduced to misdemeanors and the judge lightened up supervision so the actress could continue working.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was arrested following allegations from his ex-girlfriend claiming the actor punched her multiple times. He pleaded no contest to the offense. Following an arrest for domestic violence, Mel Gibson was sentenced to three years probation, completion of a year-long domestic violence counseling program, and community service. Again, that's a guilty plea for assaulting a woman, and zero time served.

Charlie Sheen

In 1997, Sheen was convicted of battery with serious injury to then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland. He plead no contest, paid a fine, and sentenced to two years probation. In 2006, Sheen was ordered to stay at least 300 feet from ex-wife Denise Richards due to allegations of substance abuse and violent threats. December 2009, he was arrested for Christmas when ex-wife Brooke Mueller alleged he threatened her with a knife. He was later charged with felon menacing and assault and criminal mischief to which he was ordered rehab. In August 2010, Charlie was sentenced to 30 days in rehab, 30 days of probation, 36 hours of anger management, and barred from ever possessing a firearm per a plea bargain. Finally in March 2011, Mueller got a restraining order after her ex-husband threatened to cut her head off to ship to her mother.

Justin Bieber

In 2013, Bieber got into a confrontation with paparazzi in Argentina to which the singer was indicted three years later. There is still a warrant out for his arrest in the country. Shortly afterwards, he found himself in a similar predicament where he assaulted a driver in Canada. He was arrested and charged with assault however, those were later dropped. In June 2015, the driver filed another suit where Bieber was found guilty of assault and careless driving. In July 2014, Bieber pled no contest to misdemeanor vandalism for egging a neighbor's house. He had to pay about $81k in damages and undergo a 12-week anger management program. Two-year probation was also tagged on.

Meek Mill

In 2008, the rapper was caught in possession of a firearm while walking to the store and spent eight-months in prison for the incident, later placed on five year probation. In 2014, he was sentenced to three to six months for booking shows outside of Philadelphia without a judge's permission. Upon release in December, he was then ordered to complete etiquette class. In 2016, he found himself in the same judge's cross-hairs once again when he was sentenced to house arrest for 90 days, community service, and the inability to travel out of the state for doing another show without the judge's permission. In his latest run-in he posted a video to Instagram riding a bike without a helmet which is a parole violation and the judge ultimately sentenced him to two to four years. It has been alleged the judge on the case has a prejudice against the rapper. It should also be noted Meek has been on probation since his first arrest at the age of 18.

Do the crimes justify the time and visa versa? We know that the criminal justice system can be fair, but in the cases of these celebs, we think Meek is getting a harsher sentence than most.

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