In The Studio: 25 Reality Stars That You Forgot Or Didn't Know Were "In" The Music Game

VH1 reality stars love to wear many hats, and often times appearing on our shows isn't quite enough to settle their ambitious spirits. Many of our stars  have a love for music, and either got their start in the music game long ago, or are on a mission to make their other skills know to the world now.

Whether it's a decision to get back to their first love like Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta's Rasheeda  using their reality show stardom as platform for their music like model-turned-singer Erica Mena, or attempting to remind the world how much of an accomplished an artist they are like rap vet  and Love and Hip Hop NY star Peter Gunz, many of our VH1 celebrities stay "in the studio."

Click through pages and check out all the reality stars that stay on camera and in the studio, and tell who you think could really make it today in the music biz (music vids included):

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Claim To Musical Fame: Everyone knows Mob Wives' Drita D'avanzo is a gangsta and has the voice for rap, but who knew she would really lay down a verse for French Montana, (That was later taken off on the final track --- shade), and personally brought up on stage by Lil' Kim to kick a rhyme.