Karl Already Got Caught Cheating And Yet He's Still Blocking Mo From His Instagram in This 'Love & Hip Hop' Highlight

What does he not want her to see?

Bless her heart, Remy Ma done accidentally started World War III by telling Lil' Mo about Karl's Instagram. Tons of people use Instagram, but considering the history Lil' Mo and Karl have with social media and infidelity, this might as well be an Ashley Madison account.

At a rare boxing press appearance, Remy tells Mo that she's glad she saw Karl promoting this event on Instagram because otherwise she and Papoose would have missed it. Mo, who made Karl delete his Instagram a few weeks ago, couldn't understand what account Remy was talking about. When they pulled up the account, not only was it Karl's, but he actually had BLOCKED his own wife from seeing it. Remy looked at Mo and said "G2g girl, don't pop off, BYE!" and that meant there was only one thing for Mo to do: go off. She hopped into the ring to let Karl have a piece of her mind. Slight problem, all of his boxing has taught Karl to be quick on his feet and he dodged Mo before she could square up. That didn't make her less frustrated, so she just took her anger over to Snoop, who knew Karl had this secret boxing IG account but didn't say anything. Mo stormed out of the event, Karl didn't follow her, but if we know anything, it's that this fight certainly isn't over. It's a tough week to be married on Love & Hip Hop.

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