Um, Did Barack Obama Just Out Himself As A 'Love & Hip Hop' Fan!?

"It's like some 'Love and Hip Hop' stuff."

A couple seasons back on Love & Hip Hop, former cast member Chrissy Monroe joked with that she thinks Michelle Obama is too classy to watch the VH1 show. But as it turns out, the Obamas are hip to the show, because today on the campaign trail, her husband, President Barack Obama, compared the 2016 election to the series. The AP reports that while stumping for Hillary Clinton this afternoon, Obama said "the reality TV nature of the election isn't like Survivor or The Bachelorette. He says, 'it's like some Love and Hip Hop stuff.'"

It's true though --- both the election and the series have been host to messy email and Twitter scandals, infidelity, and much-talked-about hair gaffes. One question remains though --- does he have a favorite city? (Our bet is on New York.)