Remy Ma Releases Her New Single "Wake Me Up" Featuring Lil' Kim, And Takes Some Serious Shots In The Process

"You just met him, how he bae that quick?"

We've been teased with images and snippets of Remy Ma and Lil' Kim cooking up something in the studio and today the single is finally here!

The Love & Hip Hop star released another banger entitled "Wake Me Up" featuring the Queen Bee Lil Kim, so you best take heed. In this 3:49 track, Remy raps of just how much of a bawse queen she is. The hook from Kim serves major "Lighters Up" vibes when Remy begins going in on fakes in the second verse. She says:

..that crown, Ima take that s--t/'cause you a clown and homie don't play that s--t/See they ain't slick, be talking all cray and s--t/And then you see them and they be like they ain't say that s--t/I hate that s--t, I can make or break your s--t/See I got options don't make me weigh them s--ts/ I heard he laid that d--k, you let him filet that fish/You just met him, how he bae that quick?/I say it to your face, don't have to relay that s--t/If Nick-ole a Kid-man, OJ that b---h!

Not sure which thirsty chick Remy is coming at but whoever she is apparently got bae'd up quickly ? . Take a listen to the track.

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