Jessica Simpson's Marriage to Nick Lachey Hurt More Than Just Her Heart

She reveals something pretty interesting in a new interview.

Jessica Simpson's clothing company may have just reached the $1 billion mark, but that doesn't mean she hasn't made financial blunders. In fact, her marriage to Nick Lachey was her biggest one—according to a new interview.

Jessica stopped by CNBC's Closing Bell Thursday, and the show's host Kelly Evans asked the tuna fish pioneer what her biggest money mistake is. Lady J took a second to think and then replied, "The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage!"

But before you call shade, Jessica's response is normal in the $$$ world. "That's actually a common answer, believe it or not," Kelly replied.

So, what went (financially) wrong? Was the divorce crazy? Were the longterm profits from their MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica not ideal? Did the couple spend too much money on chicken? Or fish? We'll never know, but we're nearly positive neither Jessica or Nick are pinching pennies rn. (Redirect to Jessica's $1 billion fashion line.)

Check out the Closing Bell moment in the interview above, and relive Newlyweds—in all its early 2000s glory—below.

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(H/T: Us Weekly)