Lamar Odom Details "Dark Times" With Khloe Kardashian and the Night of His Overdose

They say the truth heals.

-By Soraya Joseph

Lamar Odom is turning his mess into a message, and we're every bit of here for it.

Just days after announcing his voluntary return to rehab, Lamar Odom is now opening up about his near-fatal 2015 overdose at a Nevada brothel. In what may be his most candid interview since the incident, the retired NBA player opens up to Dr. Stork of The Doctors and details the events leading up to that fateful night at the Love Ranch:

“Being in that damn brothel and thinking I was going to just rest a little bit. I wasn’t in a good place mentally before that incident happened. Me and my wife at the time were going through some things. I was in a dark place.”

Although Lamar and Khloe were unofficially split during the time of the incident, he goes on to reveal that his estranged wife at the time, Khloe Kardashian, never left his side, and was the one to break the news to him of his coma.

“I didn’t know until Khloé told me that I was in a coma. I couldn’t even speak at the time. I couldn’t talk. Nothing would come out of my mouth, so I was scared.”

The clip ends with Lamar telling Dr. Stork that he believes his survival is with reason- that reason being to help spread the word to others about the dangers of substance abuse. Earlier this week, the 37 year-old assured fans that he was heading back to rehab, but solely as a preventative means of maintaining his sobriety.

One thing is for certain, in 2016 Lamar Odom got clean. Now for 2017, he wants to come clean, and share his story if it means saving a life. Can we get an amen?