First Dibs: Is Cameron Diaz Sexually Attracted To Other Women?

Did Mila Kunis show off her baby bump at Cinemacon? Does Game of Thrones star Kit Harington want to go full frontal? And we've got even more photos from The Amazing Spider-man 2!

  • Cameron Diaz revealed in a recent interview that she believes "all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point." So, now we have to wonder whom Cameron was attracted to. [Eonline]

  • Mila Kunis covered up her baby bump at the premiere of Jupiter Ascending at Cinemacon last night. At one point, co-star Channing Tatum held her to cover the bump up. [US Magazine]

  • Kit Harington wants to see more naked men on Game of Thrones, but he doesn't want to go full frontal himself. "I wouldn't say I'd be happy about [showing my penis]…it would have be well deserved." [People]

  • Yesterday, we shared that a new photo of the Green Goblin had been unveiled online and today we have even more sneak peeks at The Amazing Spider-Man 2. [MTV News]
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