Believe it or Not, Hottie From Flavor of Love Has Her Own Cooking Show All About Making...Chicken

She looks like Beyoncé, but you can call her the <I>Poultry Princess</i>!

It's 2018, baby, and it's all about branding and Flavor of Love star Hottie is here to get in on the game with her very own cooking show now.

New Vista Studios/Amazon


Hottie, a.k.a. Schatar Sapphira came into our lives and onto our television screens vying for the attention of pint-sized hypeman Flavor Flav in a house full of big personalities. Sapphira was a breakout star, delivering iconic reality TV moments like her claims that she looked like Beyoncé.


And her very ~unique~ way of preparing chicken.


In an interview with VH1, Hottie previously told us of her infamous chicken moment, "I was raised as a vegetarian and I’d never prepared, let alone touched, a raw chicken before. I like winning, so when I realized that a fried chicken challenge was one that I’d never done before, I decided to go at it another way altogether. Keeping ratings in mind, I threw some jelly on it, some mushrooms, Lo Mein noodles, marshmallows for eyes and a raisin smile. Then, I threw it in the microwave. It was the #1 episode for the year! "

Well, now the outlandish and hilarious personality is back and ready to prepare what else? Chicken! The new series Poultry Princess premieres today (May 3) on Amazon Prime. The official press release describes the show, "The series features delicious recipes with chicken, turkey, eggs, and other tasty poultry. Hosted by American Actress & Producer Schatar Sapphira Collier best known for attempting to cook – or rather to not cook – a raw chicken in the microwave as seen on VH1. Guest Tele-chefs share their favorite dishes directly from their own kitchens with recipes real families can try at home."

Any final thoughts?


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