Here's Why Migos Clashed With Joe Budden and Chris Brown at the BET Awards

Can't we all just get money and get along??

The old hip hop adage "mo' money mo problems" still rings true for successful artists like Migos.

The rap trio was involved in a couple of heated post show shenanigans last night at the BET awards. The first was with Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks during a red carpet interview for the Complex News show Everyday Struggle (side note: this is a platform where Joe has frequently expressed his disdain for new age rappers, so we should have seen this coming.) Things took an awkward turn when Akademiks asked Takeoff how he feels about the "running joke" that he's not on the group's smash hit "Bad & Boujee", which immediately rubbed the rapper the wrong way. Joe, who was noticeably silent during the entire interview, abruptly demands Akademiks end the interview before storming away, which made the group get on the defensive. In the footage, you can hear Quavo ask Budden "what you tryna do" right before ES host Nadeska tries to diffuse the situation with the help of security.

Once that fire is put out, another one erupts as stars were leaving the Microsoft Theater where the show was held. This time it was between Migos and Chris Brown's entourage. According to TMZ, witnesses saw someone in Chris' crew pushed Quavo. When another Migos member jumped in to help, a scuffle broke out. In the video you can see Chris (in the green pants) leaning against a car watching the whole exchange go down. A wise decision, considering the singer's repeated run-ins with the law. Police later arrived at the scene, and thankfully everyone was able to leave without anyone getting hurt.

Chris has been quiet about the incident on social media, hopping on only to promote his new song "Pie" featuring Future. As for Joe Budden, the rapper explains that his temper flared only after the group members got "sassy" with his team.

Can't we all just get money and get along??

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