Hailey Baldwin Had the Most Chill Meeting Justin Bieber for the First Time

So unfazed.

It's les mis #BackToWork day, but we have something that will give you more life than your triple shot latte. Seems impossible, but anything's possible if you just belieb believe.

If you spent your holiday vacation obsessing over Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's ambiguous Instagram pics that quickly escalated into this:

And this:

Congrats, you're one of us desperadoes.

It's clear the two perfect humans are an item and while we cry at our desks and Selenators run rampant in the streets, there's no denying they're a fire AF pair. However, no one, not even Jesus himself, can escape the inevitable awkward phase of teen life. We have the proof. A Viner has unearthed a short clip of Justin and Hailey meeting for the first time in 2009. Biebs did his iconic hair flip, Hailey was as impressed as me during a Kanye rant... and the rest is history.

Bless Vine user rachel and this day in 2009. Life, and my Internet history tab, will never be the same.