Issa Rae Drags Kanye West At The CFDA Awards In Front Of A Room Full Of People, Including Mrs. Kim Kardashian West

Issa Rae's savage level just went up by a few points.

News Alert! ICYMI, Issa Rae DGAF (not a single one) about being politically correct when she has something to say! The HBIC was the first person of color to host the CFDA awards last night and had a couple of things to get off of her chest.

We've been so fortunate to see her glow up over the years and it only seemed fitting to us that she would have the honor of hosting one of the most prestigious nights of fashion. However, she didn't quite see it that way because in her opening monologue she questioned her own fashion credibility:

"I’m about as fashionable as Kanye is black. Only when it’s convenient."

OOP! Ok, so we stand corrected. That was more of a drag than an actual mention of her fashion sense. If you thought she was done addressing all of the wild things the rapper has been saying lately, lol think again. She continued, "That joke was my choice, just like slavery.” If reading that makes you feel awkward, imagine being in the room when it happened. It was probably uncomfortable AF, especially for Kim Kardashian West, who was there to receive an award later that night.

But that wasn't the first statement about race that Issa made of the evening. She actually started speaking her mind the second she stepped on the red carpet. She looked STUNNING in a one shoulder pant suit with a million crystals that looked like all the stars in the galaxy.

The real statement wasn't that fire jumpsuit, but the belt on it. If you look closely the belt literally reads "Every N---a Is A Star".

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2018 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

The reference is to a Boris Gardiner song, which was sampled by Kendrick Lamar for To Pimp A Butterfly.

We can't be surprised by any of this, because as we all know, Issa is...