Scott Disick Has Apparently Fallen Off the Wagon and He Knows It

"He's operating out of fear and shame right now."

It seems Scott Disick is too much to handle for Scott Disick. His party ways have caught up to him again. He made headlines earlier this week for being spotted cozying up with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli during a getaway to Monte Carlo. In the snaps, Disick was seen touching Bartoli's back, lounging near her by a pool and a yacht with friends.

According to People, sources close to Disick state that he has fallen off the wagon.

"He's in a classic shame spiral right now. He knows he's screwing up, and he knows what he needs to do. He has people telling him to go home and work things out, to stop this behavior, to repent and to move forward. But he's not doing it."

The source saying, "He's operating out of fear and shame right now. He's not seeing things clearly." Also, that he is "ashamed."

Will Kourtney forgive him this time?