'Marrying The Game': "When Life Hands You Lemons Make Patron Shots"

After spending some "QT" at The Game's new crib, the kiddos Cali and Justice spend one-on-one time with their mama on Marrying The Game. Tiffney takes her children painting, and learns how separating herself from their father, The Game, has begun to get challenging for her kids to understand.

Tiffney and The Game both stay busy, Tiffney leans on her friends to get through the break up, and Jayceon focuses on his charity work. Click inside and see what else happened this episode:

Cali tells Tiffney how much she misses her when she's not around, and it makes our heart melt.

Tiffney gets back to focusing on herself and her career, and it's the first time we see Tiffney, as Ms.Cambridge the elementary school teacher.

Tiffney isn't the only one that considers themselves a teacher, The Game delivers a lesson about the dangers of dealing with a THOT, and gives the proper definition.

Tiffney gets the idea from one of her oldest and dearest friends to write a book as an outlet for everything she is going through.

The Game puts on his philanthropic hat and chats with his assistant Lo Lo on how he can raise funds and bring more attention to his charity the Robin Hood Project.

Tiffney meets with one of her celeb friends, "Celebrity Apprentice" star Omarosa Manigault to talk about getting over Jayceon, and gets her co-sign on the idea of writing a children's book.

The Game remembers the reason he founded his organization in the first place when he sits down with the first woman he helped after she lost her daughter to tragic violence.

The Game pulls off his bowling charity event without hitch, and has celebrity friends Khloe Kardashian, Too Short, Claudia Jordan, and more come out to support.

Tune in and catch the next episode of Marrying The Game Wednesdays 10:30 ET/PT.