Kylie Jenner May Have Dumped Tyga Before They Even Went Public

Kylie was not so amused by Blac Chyna putting her ex on blast on Instagram. So are the two done for good or nah?

If Kylie Jenner and Tyga's relationship was keeping you up at night, we're sorry to inform you that the two are reportedly on a break. The Gossip Table reveals that when Blac Chyna put Tyga on blast via Instagram, Kylie got the message loud and clear.

According to The Gossip Table, Kylie told her 25-year-old bae she wanted to take a break and "dumped him for now." Meanwhile, Tyga is reportedly fighting to win her back.

Last week, his ex and the mother of his son, King, posted this text "conversation" between them.

Kylie responded with this shady tweet.

But it looks like she only sided with Tyga for so long before coming to the realization that she's 17 and should be out having fun with friends, not getting tangled up in another family drama. Is it weird that Tyga got a tattoo of her name, though?

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