Drake Pens Revealing New Song About Rihanna

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In other pop star news, Rihanna is apparently the muse of Drake's new song, "2 On/Thoughtful." Though, it's not entirely a good thing. The rapper opens on about the good and bad of their on-and-off again relationship.

The lyrics reveal promises made were not kept:

“She loves to get too on. You’re so thoughtful, you’re so bad girl you’re so awful.

I f–k you right in my office, you go tell your friends you’re on it.

That’s why all your friends are on.

You know you made me a promise. We’re not in this for commitment.

Your man’s gone and you don’t miss him. Book your flights and confirmation.

Southwest Airlines you’ll still take. Hell of the week for you chasing that paper.

Even though you’re exhausted, you’re still gonna make it, girl.”

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Meanwhile, Jerry Springer calls into The Gossip Table to react to the news of Solange's attack on Jay Z. The host of The Jerry Springer Show has seen his fair share of family disputes. But one thing is for sure, these two would not be allowed on his show.

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