'Black Ink Crew' - Episode 6 - Loss Vegas

The Black Ink Crew hits the ground running in Vegas. Fittingly, a party bus sweeps them off  to their hotel.

Teddy Ruks plans to make the most of Vegas by flying in a "mixxxy" to keep him entertained by night. Meanwhile, Dutchess had serious reservations about even going.

"I wasn't even sure if I wanted to come. But now that I’m here, I know it’s going to be amazing."

According to Puma, "The party is just getting started."

The next day Sassy and Dutchess are ready for a day of lounging by the pool. But are Ceaser and Teddy (let alone all of Vegas) ready for these bikinis?

“I’ve got the image of that ass permanently engraved in my head, and I like it,” says Cease.

Dutchess and Sassy look like two models ready for the French Riviera -- or the Riviera Hotel on the Vegas strip.

But Cease has a special invitation for Dutchess. He wants to take her out on a real date. Just in time for Valentine's Day, everyone!

Dutchess reveals her tattoos by the pool and Puma notes, "You made a bunch of white dudes blush just now."

But back to the business of tattooing, and the tasks at hand the next day. Ceaser bets Teddy $100 that O'S**t will mess up at the convention.

And yes, O'S**t was standing right there.

Since Teddy rallied for his return, he tells O’S**t that if he gets everything right at the convention, all will be forgiven.

Poolside, the topic of Alex comes up, and not in a good way. But Puma, Black Ink's "resident hippie" calls for "positive energy." Can you smell the incense?

Ted and Ceaser are getting ready for their big dates that night. They stop at the Celebrity Club barber shop where something truly frightening occurs.


"I walk in and there’s a six foot tall Mexican who looks like Wayne Newton," says Teddy Ruks. “He looks like he just jumped out of a casket and came to cut my hair.”

Ted takes this grooming time to get the straight story about Dutchess. Does Cease “LIKE her like her”?

“She’s aiight...all right, I like her.” But Ted just wants to make sure that Cease is putting the business of Black Ink first.

As Sassy helps Dutchess get ready for her date with Ceaser, Dutchess reveals that he has already told her that she makes him a better man. Sassy has some of the same reservations as Ted, though. “If something happens and they break up, it could be a devastating moment for Black Ink.”

Cease shows up with flowers, but if Dutchess looks underwhelmed, it’s just because she’s actually about to cry.

Sassy’s a little happy.

At dinner, Ceaser is his usual modest self.

Dinner goes well, but Dutchess still wants to know -- what are his intentions with her? He says he'd be a fool not to "explore the possibilities."

They seal it with a kiss. Now that the serious romantic portion of the evening is over, it’s time to head to the strip club. The drinks are flowing and it’s time to turn it up!

Later in the evening, Dutchess gives Cease a private pole dance. Did they hook up? Well, considering they both were in the mood by the end of the night, we think yes.

But since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we may never know.

The next day at the tattoo convention, the Crew are ready to show what they can do. But already, there are issues. Puma drops the bomb on Ceaser that Alex didn’t make her flight to Vegas. Which means they have no portfolios for the convention.

“This is totally unprofessional,” says Cease.

When it rains it pours at this convention, because next, Dutchess’ stencil printer shorts out. “No stencils, no tattoos. What the f*** are we at this convention for?” asks Teddy Ruks.

Ceaser and Dutchess must also let the editor-in-chief of Urban Ink know that Alex won’t be a part of the photo shoot.

To their relief, he says they’ll make it work.

Back at the booth, O’S**t’s in a panic. Most of his tattoo supplies are missing. How will he get to showcase his skills? Meanwhile, Ceaser has a surprise for Dutchess. He’s hooked her up to get a tattoo from her favorite artist, Carl Grace.

Dutchess really admires Grace's work. “His artwork makes you wonder. It leaves you at the edge of your seat.”

As far as the convention is concerned, Ceaser is starting to realize it’s make or break time. He dispatches Walt to print out some stencils, which is usually Alex’s job.

But to his surprise, Walt storms out, and doesn't come back!

As Carl Grace makes progress on Dutchess' tattoo, the process is painful...

But the result is amazing!

Due to Walt’s walking out, Cease must break it to a client that he won’t be tattooed today. The client is not happy.

O’S**t decides to draw a tattoo free hand and get at least one tattoo done.

Since O’S**t was a success, I guess Teddy wins his bet with Cease?

The Urban Ink photo shoot goes over HUGE. The only lingering question is "Alex WHO??" Also, thank goodness Las Vegas is warm at night!

You can see more pics from the shoot here.

Back at the hotel room, Ceaser goes in on Puma and Walt for not supporting him in the booth that day.

"You all are my friends, but when we get back to New York, that sh** is done!”

But will heads REALLY roll this time?

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