Shay Johnson Discusses Returning To 'Love & Hip Hop' and What Makes Miami Different From All The Other Cities

"Surviving Love & Hip Hop takes a certain type of individual. Not everybody can do Love & Hip Hop."

If you're a true fan of VH1 reality shows, then you know who Shay Johnson is. She got her start as "Buckeey" on Flavor of Love and then found herself in a love triangle with Lil Scrappy on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But now she's living her best life in Miami and has a brand new relationship.

Shay admits she wasn't at her best the last time we saw her because she was "in love with a lie," which led her to gain some weight and battle depression. But after leaving that drama, she was able to get her mind and body all the way together and now lives in Miami. She's ready for this season because she knows something now that she didn't know before: in order to survive a season of Love & Hip Hop you have to be ready for your whole life to be on blast and now Shay says she "isn't ashamed to let out who [she is]." Shay can look back and see that she was looking for love in the wrong places. So it might be safe to say that we won't see her in a love triangle this season, she's still going to have her fair share of drama.

Don't miss Love & Hip Hop Miami when it premieres on January 1st at 9/8c.