Hollywood Exes' React To "Will Smith Money"

The Hollywood Exes had dinner so that Drea could help moderate Mayte and Nicole's discussion after Fur-gate and the sugar bowl crash heard round the world (read: Hollywood Hills). Things got off to a rocky start and when Sheree called Mayte out for not coming to Terrell's birthday party, Mayte said it was because she's a single mom.

Sheree related saying that she was a single mom. Mayte responded with, "Sheree, you had Will Smith money, OK? I don't." And that's when the record scratched.

Each of the Hollywood Exes reacted as follows:

The Chew & Turn as performed by Sheree Fletcher

The No, Girl as performed by Drea Kelly

The Gulp and Bulge as performed by Jessica Canseco

The Play Wit Yo Pony as performed by Shanna Moakler

(When Mayte doesn't understand why Drea tells her to take it back. Drea gets mad which leads to...)

The Now You Gone And Pissed Me Off as performed by Drea Kelly

The I Heard That, B*tch as performed by Nicole Murphy

The Food In Your Teeth Nod as performed by Shamicka Lawrence

What do you think? Was Mayte totally out of line? Do you think she's hurt and projecting it onto the other girls?