Will 'Fuller House' Recast Michelle Tanner?

No Olsen twins? No thank you.

Since we learned the Olsen twins will not be returning for Fuller House, we wondered one thing.

No, not that. We wondered if Michelle would be recast, or if they would simply pretend there never was a Michelle, like they pretended Jesse's name was never Jesse Cochran.

Well, according to Bob Saget, it won't be the recasting one. Luckily, they will not pull a Cindy Brady in A Very Brady Christmas and use a different actress (or set of adult twins, which would be weird) to play Michelle. But on the bright side, Saget says everyone else is onboard — including Aunt Becky herself (Lori Laughlin). But he does hope there's room for one more cast member: Peter Dinklage. Tyrion Tanner? We could totally get behind that.

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