'Love & Hip Hop' Bonus Clip: Papoose Mentors His Stepson Jace and Drops Some Brooklyn Gems On Him

"I just want to make sure you keep your originality."

Papoose speaks to his stepson, Jace, about his creative process when it comes to writing bars in this Love & Hip Hop bonus clip. No one in Papoose's family is going to put out wack tracks if he has anything to do with it and he makes that very clear. Now that Jace has expressed how serious he is about getting in the studio, Pap tries to get in his head a little bit to see how he's getting the music thing done. With mentors such as himself and Remy, Papoose isn't too worried about his son's career but needs him to understand that Pap is a legend in these streets, so he may want to take some notes.

Pap does have NYC in the palm of his hand. Seriously, he has a tattoo of every borough on his fingers.

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