Where Are They Now? Jason Lee Has The Latest Gossip On Past 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Cast

"Although I've gone to the cemetery to lay flowers on the dead, imma go ahead and tell you where some of them are."

In case you were wondering where some of your favorite past Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars were, Jason Lee is here to help spill the tea.

First up is Kamiah Adams, who he explains is happy and in love with Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards.

And if you were wondering about Milan, apparently he is simply "still unemployed," according to Mr. Lee.

Unlike Milan, Hazel-E is once again back with the VH1 fam, so Jason makes a prediction that she will be stirring ish up and making an appearance at the reunion when part two airs!

Make sure to tune in to the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion Monday at 8/7c! And for an even more extensive blast from the past, you can find out what a lot of our former fave Love & Hip Hop stars are here --->