Khloe Kardashian Wore a Muslim Veil on Instagram and People Are Pissed

Khloe sometimes makes poor Insta-choices.

Heavy is the head that wears the Kardashian-with-the-most-personality crown, and Khloe Kardashian's is a heavy, heavy head. Sometimes, that means she does and says questionable things. From cultural appropriation to generally offensive photos, Khloe's sense of humor is sometimes not particularly OK. Like this post from her stay in Dubai yesterday.

"Habibi love"

That's Arabic for "my baby," though some think she was trying to say "hijab." The garment Khloe is wearing is called a niqab.

As some on Twitter have pointed out, it's a bit unclassy for Khloe to wear a veil as a cute and fashionable look when Muslim women are routinely ridiculed for wearing them for actual religious reasons.

But this is hardly her first go-'round in terms of culturally inappropriate dress. Remember the Native American headdress?

She was mostly called out for cultural insensitivity, but responded to one person who offered to educate her, telling them their "culter [sic]" is beautiful.

There was also the infamous KKK post. She ended up deleting the racially charged meme, but Scott Disick still has it up on his 'gram.

"And a Jew."

What we really want to know are her thoughts on chemtrails, though.