'Girls' Stars Give You Dating Advice You Didn't Know You Wanted

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By Heather Ricks

Dating is complicated, and no one knows that better than the cast of HBO's Girls. While their characters navigate the sometimes cruel world of love as a Millennial, the actors themselves seem to have an easier go at it. Creator and star Lena Dunham has found love with Fun.'s Jack Antonoff, after meeting him on a blind date, of all things! At the Girls Season 3 premiere in New York City this week, VH1 News asked the stars of the show to channel their inner Dear Abby by answering some difficult relationship/dating questions. Namely, what should you do if you discovered your boyfriend likes to wear your underwear?

“You should break up with your boyfriend," the always adorable Andrew Rannells responded.

Zosia Mamet, who's been dating actor (and upcoming X-Men star) Evan Jonigkeit, disagreed. “I’d probably talk to him about it and see what the impetus is behind him wanting to wear your underwear. But also, like, whatever gets you off, you know? If you love your boyfriend enough, I don’t know, let him wear your f---ing underwear.”

We like that kind of healthy attitude! Now we can't wait to see Zosia and Evan's chemistry displayed onscreen during this upcoming season, when Evan appears as one of Shosh's new love interests.