Does Jeff Chery Have What it Takes to Make a ? Remix with Rick Ross?

"We could release this record and this record's got the potential to work."

By: Andrea Wurzburger

Rick Ross, Lenny S. and The-Dream have made it clear that they're ready to send artists home if they don't have what it takes to be SIGNED, they're also looking for artists who are pretty much ready to hop on a flight to Miami and record a track.

Enter Haitian rapper Jeff Chery, who showed up on premiere episode of SIGNED and gave a fire audition for the judges. We've got to admit, we were a little worried for Chery, a.k.a. The Haitian Mufasa, who came in a little cocky, but once he stopped talking and started rapping, it was clear that he had the talent to back it up.

Particularly impressed? Rick Ross. The mogul cut Chery's audition short to tell him, "I love this record so much. We gonna put the remix together."


That's right. This ain't any old singing competition, folks. The moguls are ready to make any of these artists their priority if they prove themselves worthy. And they're ready to do it as soon as possible.

"His record was dope off the rip. I just felt like, when I heard this record, I was like, 'This is something we don't gotta do nothing to. We can release this record and this record's got potential.' You know, that's what I'm looking for."

So what does it take to get Rick Ross to make you his priority? Apparently the mogul is looking for potential, passion, and a damn good track. Check out the clip above of Ross talking about his priority artist pick.

Rick Ross has high expectations for the remix that he's doing with Chery, and tune in on Wednesday, August 2nd at 9 ET when the priority artists perform to see if The Haitian Mufasa lives up to Rick Ross' expectations.