The Creep Squad Creeping Around Kiyanne and Jaquae's Argument is the Funniest Part of Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop'

"...then it wasn't funny, but now it's funny."

It is mad hard to take Jaquae's apology to Kiyanne seriously when DJ Self is not-so-incognito and Safaree is laying on the ground in the middle of the park posed like a seal.

The main question of the day is "Where the f--k did Snoop get a bike from?" in this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop. At the time, Kiyanne was no doubt pissed at Jaquae for his f--k up with Anais. She even says that since Jaquae seen Anais's p---y, he doesn't need to see hers. Bloop! The actions of the creep squad are no doubt hilarious. Rich is "real light skin," running around like Kiyanne can't see him. Even the MC had to put her hurt feelings aside to admit that "now it's funny, then it wasn't funny, but now it's funny." Watch the full clip above and laugh a little, cause nearly-cheating boyfriends get mushed a lot.

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