PreMadonna Got Married Even Though We Already Thought She Was

Congrats to the kinda newlyweds!

Waist trainer enthusiast and Joseline Hernandez's frienemy PreMadonna walked down the aisle this weekend.

The Waist Gang Society CEO, and sometimes rapper, married her longtime husband boyfriend Buck Thomas, even though we already thought they were married.

In a previous interview with VH1, PreMadonna opened up about her connections to the rest of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast, saying she knew Rasheeda and Kirk Frost through her husband Buck.

When pressed for more about her relationship and how long she and her husband were together Pre played coy, "You know what, I never answer those types of questions, we’ve been together long enough I think. It’s been years though. I just like to say long enough. You know what, because when you give people a specific number of years then it’s not forever. You want it to last forever so why would you put a date or a time frame on it."

Whether they were already married, or not, it certainly looked like a festive day. Congratulations to the (sorta?) newlyweds!