People Think David Bowie's Son's Vocabulary Lesson Is Shade at Lady Gaga

Maybe he's just trynna educate?

Everyone and their mom praised Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammys last night. I bet deep down, Kanye even liked it. Everyone was a fan, that is except, for Bowie's own son. Well, maybe.

Every publication under the sun is quick to call 44-year-old director Duncan Jones a hater for thinking he shaded Gaga with this tweet:

In which he writes out the dictionary definition of "gaga":

Some say he's "slamming" her. Is "not impressed" by her. Even "taking aim." But maybe he was just trying to make his input ~clever~ as someone in a creative field would do.

I actually feel enlightened because up until now I really thought gaga was just the sound a baby makes. So thank you, Duncan, for this little nugget of knowledge I can now carry through life.

Maybe this was shade and maybe it wasn't. But we'll always have the truth that is Webster.

And now that we know was Duncan Jones was thinking during the Grammys, how about everyone else?