Who Is Wrong In The Shay VS. Erica Fight? [POLL]

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It's been a long time coming. Erica and Shay talking woman-to-woman about the love triangle with Scrappy smack dab in the middle was bound to go down, but not quite like this.

Traci meant well. However, it didn't take long for her to realize inviting Erica and Shay to Karlie's event to hash out their differences wasn't her brightest idea. Both women started the conversation calm enough, but it took less than 60 seconds for the sparks to fly. The last time these two saw each other Shay was uncomfortable around Erica, huffing and sighing when Erica came over to speak to Traci. Erica paid Shay no attention.

After Erica asks Shay, "Why is my name in your mouth?" all hell breaks loose. Shay swings on Erica first, Erica retaliates, but no one really hits anyone because Traci is in the middle. Traci tried calming Shay down to the point Shay started disrespecting Traci. Once blows were thrown security carried Shay to the parking lot. Unsatisfied with not causing a bigger scene, Shay bangs on the window to urge Erica to come outside to finish the fight. And we're left with one question: Why is Shay so mad at Erica? Shay has always been the side chick. All the animosity between the two should be directed at one person only--Scrappy. Was Traci wrong for playing peacemaker? Does Erica have a right to be mad at Shay and vice versa? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and take the poll!

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