This Week On 'Mad Men': Don Gets Caught With His Pants Down!

This week’s Mad Men was filled with drama, sex, teen angst, and RATS! Betty made a brief appearance; Pete’s mother got RANDY with her nurse, and Roger juggled some balls. Vietnam is starting to creep in and I have a feeling it’s only going to get even more intense. Political views are becoming more polarizing and the world is starting to change. How will this affect advertising? How will misogyny stay alive!!!? And how will Don continue to get away with almost everything?!! Why don’t we get comfortable and take our pants off because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll burn your draft card for!

Here we go!

10. Peggy sees a rat in her apartment!


9. Sally and her friend have a sleep-over.


8. Ted wants HIS juice to be the only juice at the firm. He will not have Don’s orange juice get in the way of his cranberry juice account!


7. Pete’s mother wants to bang her exotic male nurse – and I think he wants to bang her back.


6. Roger keeps busting out his performance abilities and I keep being impressed.


5. Sally catches Don banging his neighbor in the middle of the day! Oh noooooooo!

4. I’m so confused….does Bob, who was dating Joan, want to bang Pete now? There was some knee and smile action that couldn’t go unnoticed in Pete’s office over a stiff one. Pun intended.


3. Peggy and a CAT watch TV together.


2. Don tries to explain himself to Sally through the door.


1. A dinner with an important client gets silent and awkward when Don brings up the fact that he’s trying to save his lover’s son from going to Vietnam.


See you next week!

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