Check Yourself: LHHATL Cast Reacts To Episode 7

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Mimi is getting fired up watching the scene where if all would have gone well her and K.Michelle would've hugged it out. Over in 25,000 dollar territory Traci is not amused watching Drew tell her the money is gone.

Ariane agrees a grown man shouldn't have a roomie. Mimi doesn't exactly say Nikko doesn't have a roommate, but she does insist that K was lying about having been over there. "When she got caught in a f----g lie then she starts to walk off, it's cool, she don't want to talk no more." As the scene rolls on with Ariane and Mimi beefing Mimi gets mad. "Keep rolling. You about to piss me off watching this sh*t." Mimi has a lot to say about that incident.

Traci can barely look at the video. "NO SIGNED CONTRACT. WHOO." Drew thinks he looks stupid, but he an still laugh while watching. "Traci's controlling, of course she's controlling. But in this situation I kind of needed to be controlled," he said. Drew admits she's better with money, but he's better at hustling. Never again, though. Traci learned her lesson.


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