Twitter Imagines What a Black Hogwarts Would Look Like and the Results Are Nothing Short Of Brilliant

Even though the finale Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows debuted 6 1/2 years ago, the fantasy series' cult following still can't get enough.

The Harry Potter franchise has often been criticized for its lack of diversity, which they adjusted with a few casting choices. Still, Twitter likes to have fun imagining what the plot lines would look like with a predominantly Black cast. Black Twitter's latest stroke of genius has folks hypothesizing what a Black Hogwarts would look like, and it is nothing short of glorious.

For starters, moms in Black Hogwarts are still not one of your lil' friends.

But everyone seems to have different opinions on who would be Dumbledore (though we're not mad at any of these choices tbh).

No question about who Dolores Umbridge would be, obviously.

In Black Hogwarts, Mudbloods ain't never scared:

But everyone agrees that the overall, life at Hogwarts would be way more lit.

2018 memes are clearly off to a phenomenal start. Keep it coming, internet!

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