Britney Spears Kind of Changed Her Mind About Hillary Clinton

She's confused.

We can confirm that Twitter, and live-singing, are not Brit's strong suits.

Vegas's entertainer of the millennium snapped a photo last night with Shade Queen Hillary Clinton, while the politician was in Nevada for campaigning efforts before the caucuses tomorrow.

BB Brit thought it was "amazing" and was super pumped to meet Hillary, don't get us wrong, but we just think all the excitement of Sin City has made her a little confused. Here, see if you can spot the difference between her original tweet:

And this one:

See it?

In the original, Brit used Hillary's campaign hashtag #ImWithHer. Then, she deleted the post and re-posted the pic with a new caption, sans the hashtag. Which took precisely 38 minutes to do. This maneuver took some thought, some serious social media algorithm calculation.

That, or, she wants to remain ~politically correct~. You be the judge.

And all this time, we thought Kanye had bad Twitter thumbs.

Oops, she did it again.