The Weeknd + Lauryn Hill Gave Us a Grammy-worthy Performance on the 'Tonight Show'

The Weeknd and Lauryn Hill finally take the stage together.

This year's Grammy performances weren't all that great. Besides for Kendrick Lamar's iconic showing, the rest of the musical acts just didn't live up to the hype. Rihanna canceled her performance, and Lauryn Hill who was supposed to take with The Weeknd was a no show when the curtains went up. The Weekend put on a solid showing, but the anticipation of Lauryn Hill was just to strong.

Fast forward almost a week later, we finally get the performance we were waiting for. The Weeknd and Hill graced the stage of the Tonight Show to perform "In The Night," which they absolutely slayed. Hills soulful voice matched with Abel's unique tone is match made in music heaven. Watch below.