Amina Says Tara Chased Her Out of Town and Now She's Living in Los Angeles Without Peter

"I bought condoms and we used one and after the one he said, I can't do it and he didn’t want to use them."

Amina Buddafly stunned the world when she announced she was pregnant with on-again, off-again husband Peter Gunz's tenth child. Last week the Love & Hip Hop star alluded to a possible divorce on the red carpet and now she's clearing up the rumors.

In an exclusive post-season interview, Amina shines light on her separation from Peter, her second pregnancy, and her feelings about telling a nine-months-pregnant Tara Wallace she was pregnant on national TV.

You were at the Meet the Blacks premiere in Los Angles with Erica Mena, are you living in California now?

Amina Buddafly: Right now, yes, I am here. [It's just] me and my daughter Cori. I kind of had the idea of leaving New York right before the reunion. That was when I decided I can no longer be with Peter and I just felt like I needed to be away from this situation. Not necessarily him but the whole situation and I needed to just focus on myself so I found an apartment and right now I’m currently living here.

I love him and he loves me and I have said over and over again, even at the reunion that he's the only one I love so if he was to give me what I need, I would do anything for him and I still stand by that, and I would probably still move back. I can't say this is it, that I'm never gonna be with him again but right now at the moment we're not together. I am trying to focus on me and my baby and my pregnancy and not be so caught up in all this drama and be so emotional because that's kind of how my life was. It was like every other day I was going through it, I didn’t know what was gonna happen. Maybe we are gonna end up together but that’s really up to him. I'm leaving it up to him because I know that don’t want the relationship as it has been.

Is the move to Los Angeles indefinite?

Yes, it's kind of open ended. I mean I’m not coming back to New York, there’s just nothing holding me there anymore. The only reason I really wanted to be there was my husband, and since it seems it's not working out I left. I heard him in an interview saying he’s getting himself together and he’s working on that. It takes time, it's not going to be in a couple of months. Maybe he's really going succeed and become better and not make the same mistakes and go to therapy. And maybe he’s really going to do all of that and be ready for me or for Tara or whoever it's going to be, and if I’m still in love with him as much as I am now I would still come back. But right now I can't live the way we've been living. I had to make a change.

With or without Peter, do you want to return to Love & Hip Hop?

I really wanted to get away from that too but now that I’m here, I would just want it to be a reflection of what it really is right now because I’m not seeing him. He was talking about coming to visit and I told him he’s welcome anytime. When I left New York, I was like, "Why don’t you come with me? I want you to come with us."

I just want to be away from New York and from Tara pretty much, too. She really chased me away, and she got what she wanted and I'm okay with that now because I know that was her goal and that was one of her biggest wishes that I was gonna go away. Just be gone.

But yeah, the show I don't...I'm not against the show. I’m still open to showing my life, especially now that I feel like I’ve kind of taken control. I would want people to see that so I’m open to doing the show again.

The gossip blogs are constantly following your situation with Peter and Tara. How difficult is that? How hard was it when they reported he had moved on with another woman? Was that true?

It’s just embarrassing because of what people think. I know, and I knew that it wasn’t what the media made it. It wasn’t actually someone that he was with, so I wasn't upset about that, but I was upset at the fact the it was all over the blogs and everyone thinks that it is something. I didn’t like seeing that. We had an argument on the phone about that because I was like, why would you put that out there? You know [what] everyone's gonna say. I was upset at him for not being more careful but I can’t say that now because I’m the one that left. I left and he can do whatever he wants and I gotta live with that but it doesn’t feel good because it's like it's proving everyone right. Everyone out there that thinks he’s so bad and he’s always with other women and cheater and lair. It just proves them right in a way so didn’t like that.

Have you had any private conversations with Tara since you announced your pregnancy?

Absolutely not. I do not speak to her. I don’t want to speak to her I don’t want nothing to do with her at all. I don’t have the desire to even talk to her. I don’t want to see her on my Instagram. I unfollowed everyone that keeps posting about her and the baby. In this moment, I just want to forget that and when it's constantly in my face it's like I keep being reminded and feelings come up, that I have towards the situation and I don’t want to feel that way right now. I just want be here in the sun and be thinking about how I'm gonna make it with the babies by myself and focus on that. So, no, I don’t even want to talk to her. I don’t like talking about her. When Peter calls me and somehow she comes up like, I don’t even want to hear her name. It's just disgusting.

Was there any part of you that felt bad telling Tara that you were pregnant on television while she was nine months pregnant?

No, absolutely not. She don’t feel bad about anything that she does. I don’t know why everyone felt bad for her. Even at the reunion, Peter's daughter, Whitney was like, I just feel so bad for Tara, that she has to take this. What about me? That’s what I had to say. I feel like even though people say you put yourself into this [and] you know what you were getting into. Everyone is just looking at all the stuff that happened with Tara but it's both of us. She’s the one that said she is not gonna be with Peter no more and that she is moving on. She should have just been honest and real from the beginning three years ago, three seasons ago. She should have been really honest. I would have said, "Listen, he’s mine and I’m not going no where and he’s with me," and I would have fought for him.

I would probably not even be here or even be pregnant and probably not even had Cori because I wouldn’t have continued [seeing Peter.] I only continued this relationship because she kept putting posts up about how she’s now single and [she was] putting up this image of being strong and moving on. If she wouldn't have done that I would have been fed up right from the beginning. I don’t want to compete with another women.

Both Peter and Tara have always said they're not together anymore. I'm not stupid like everyone thinks so I know that actions speak louder than words. Over and over again actions prove that they are not over. It just sucks that they lie, especially her because we all know Peter lies a lot, but she couldn’t be honest about it and said that she’s not moving on. I just, that’s the problem I have.

You said you no interest in having a relationship with Tara but what about Cori's relationship with her brothers? Have you or her met baby Gunner yet?

I would love all this kids to have a close relationship. I know it's a little hard me being in LA but [Tara's] the one that never allowed her kids in mine and Peter's home. She never allowed that. I let my daughter go to Tara’s house all the time whenever Peter wants to take her even though Tara would never allow Peter to bring the boys to LA. Peter you know has done it. Him and I have hung out with his boys and my daughter in a restaurant or when out but it was always kind of in secret. He never told Tara about it. He would just do it. He was tired of it too. I totally allow my daughter around her. I know that she’s not a bad person and especially not to the kids so it’s just me personally I don’t want nothing to do with her but she’s not gonna be treating Cori bad so I have no problem with Cori being around Tara. The kids love being around each other. They love playing together.

Are you and Peter really having a baby girl? And is her name Bronx?

Oh my God, yes, I actually just put it up on Instagram because he already said it. I didn’t know he would come out with it so early but it is a girl. He recently did an interview and said that I picked the name [which] is kind of true but it was his idea and suggestion. He suggested about seven names because he's good with name ideas. At first I looked at all seven names and I didn’t really like none of them, and Bronx especially, I was like, never but then after a while I totally turned around and that was my favorite out of the names. We don’t have a middle name yet but it's Bronx and it's a girl.

What do your parents make of you living your life with Peter on reality TV? Your mom was on the show briefly and seemed to disapprove.

They met Peter a couple few times when he came to Germany and they understand why I love him. I think right now they're happy that I made this move and that I kind of took control a little bit. I don’t speak to them enough but I spoke to them on Skype and FaceTime a couple of times since being in LA and they were like, "Stay positive." They just want me to happy, they just want me to be okay. My mom...sometimes I used to call her crying and she was just super worried. She was always worried. My dad really doesn’t know enough about the whole situation he just knows that I’m not with Peter right now and that I left New York. He kind of had his own idea why we had problems but he doesn’t know the details. I don’t think he even knows that there was another baby and all those things. I don’t think my dad knows but my mother does. She's been through a lot herself in life and knows that this happens all the time, and that it happens with other people too. It's just that you're on TV and this is a little extreme but everyone goes through stuff so she doesn’t take it so serious. This is life.

Does your family want you to move back to Germany?

No, well, they would love for me to be there. They always say, you can always come back but they know that I wouldn’t be happy there so they don’t ask me to that.

What did you make of Peter and Cardi B's disagreement at the reunion? It seemed like something she said resonated with you and Tara they way you looked when she said you were talented and Tara was smart and he's making you both look dumb.

Yes, because we each thought about that before it’s not the first time. It's just the first time that someone spoke out. She actually said it but people tell us that all the time on social media. We see it ourselves, how it looks on TV so she wasn’t wrong about that. What she said was true so it's not the first time that I thought about it but she was so verbal and really saying everything so nobody expected it. At the same time, I didn’t know what to say to that because on one hand it's true but but I just guess none of us liked the fact that she came at him like, when someone starts an argument with somebody that you love, it just like you automatically want to defend them so I kind felt like sticking up for Peter even though she was speaking truth. I just didn’t know how to react. I was just shocking that she would [defend me and Tara,] I didn’t expect it. I’m just glad that they kind of cleared it up and apologized. It's not a big deal, everyone thinks about it.

It was a little unclear to me from the reunion, did Peter ever have the vasectomy?

Yes, he did. He did it. He did it right after Remy and Pap's wedding, before Christmas he did that.

I'm assuming that you knew you were pregnant before he went ahead with it?

I did. We both did. We both knew that I was pregnant at the time of his vasectomy and he even said to on the way there or the day before he said, he wouldn’t go though with it if I wasn’t. I was only seven weeks along at Remy and Pap's wedding. I hadn't even taken a test and nothing was confirmed, anything could have happened. I could have had another miscarriage so we didn’t even tell the producers but we both kind of knew.

Do you regret the abortion and being open about it on television this season?

Yes and no because I'm kind of proud that I was brave enough to put that out there. Almost every women over 25 has had an abortion. Some women have told me that they have had four, five, or six abortions and that nobody speaks about it. It is something that you get bashed for so everyone hides. I was brave enough to put it out there so I am kind proud of myself for that even though it was really hard situation. I do still regret it especially now that I’m pregnant again. People say like why does the second baby deserve it and the first baby didn’t and its not even like that. I feel bad that I did it. I feel bad about having an abortion and terminating that pregnancy. It was kind of out of emotion that I made that decision and it was a mistake. And people make mistakes and I don’t feel good about it so I feel like people need to just not be mad at it. Like you make mistakes in live and you learn from it and I would never have another abortion. So all these women just don’t talk about it or they lie and say it was a miscarriage and I’m just honest. It was very hard.

People say you know that I got pregnant on purpose but I can’t get pregnant by myself. It was just after I found out that Tara was pregnant and I just had the abortion, it was one of the hardest times. I guess I was just so hurt and wanted to feel loved and I just waned Peter to make me feel better and he just felt so guilty and bad about it, that we just made a lot of love. After I found out Tara was pregnant, we just had a lot of make-up sex. You fight and you make up and that’s how I got pregnant again.

I honestly I never told this to anybody but after I found out that Tara was pregnant I told Peter I’m not sleeping with him without a condom. I bought condoms and we used one and after the one he said, I can't do it and he didn’t want to use them. Of course it's my responsibility to be like yes, you have to be responsible but he’s the one who didn’t want to use them. I bought them. He was like, what is this? I made him use it one time. The other times I was just too vulnerable but in the moment I was still hurt about everything and I got pregnant again.