Bonus Clip: Navarro Accuses His Girlfriend And Business Partner Ashley Of Doing Nothing All Day

"I'm not saying that you not doing anything, I'm saying that I *feel* that way."

An idle mind is the devil's playground and Navarro feels that Ashley is giving Satan plenty of playtime by doing nothing with her days.

In this deleted scene from Love & Hip Hop, a smiling Navarro is smitten to meet up with his babe Ashley. Despite being happy to see her, Navarro has something serious he wants to discuss with his lady. It seems as if every time he calls her to check up on her throughout the day, Ashley isn't doing anything and this is a major concern for him. Well, you can paint her confused because Ashley has no clue what Navarro is talking about. In her opinion, the stress in his own life is so overwhelming that he's taking it out on her. As she darts towards the car to avoid this offensive conversation, he urges her to open up. That's the only way their relationship will work.

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