Drew Talks Tears and Model Drama with Coura Fall, the Fourth Contestant Eliminated from' America's Next Top Model'

"What happened with this beauty sandwich!?"

This week on America's Next Top Model, the contestants had to shine in beauty blogs with Patrick Starrr and stand out in a "beauty sandwich" photo shoot that included their competition. Drew Elliott sat down with the latest contestant to be sent home to find out what exactly happened to the model who was a front runner from the start, but fell short when she found herself the bologna in the middle of the beauty sandwich.

Coura Fall looked like she would be a front runner with a high fashion look that didn't even require a Ty-Over, but she unfortunately ended up falling flat as the competition gets more and more intense with each passing week. Drew even admits, "In my mind, you were one of the strongest girls."

Speaking of her competition, Coura doesn't hide how she feels about the drama and the tears.

coura eye roll

Like, really not holding back.


The model explains to Drew that the girls in the house cried...a lot. "It was like crying on the hour of every hour, and I'm like 'How do you have more tears? Like, you just cried thirty minutes ago.'...That was really difficult to deal with." The only time Coura found herself emotional? After her haunted photo shoot (she felt like Drew hated her shots) and of course, when she was eliminated.

Maybe Coura hates drama and tears, but we live for it. Tune in to America's Next Top Model on Tuesdays at 8/7c for all of the action.