Black Ink Crew's Sky & Love & Hip Hop''s Rashidah Ali Are Going At It On Instagram Over Eyelashes

"What's beef? I got fries tho!"

Battle of the reality stars or what? Black Ink Crew's Sky is beefing with Love & Hip Hop New York's Rashidah Ali and it's getting cray.

It seemingly all started when Rah posted a video of she and Remy Ma giving a shout out to an eyelash line, AlyCat Lash Inc.

"We Always In The Car Talking #RemNRah #CarChronicles @TheRealRemyMa "Now This B Got EyeLashes" OH! andddd Follow @AlyCatLash"

This had Sky feeling some way about it because she felt Rah was acting like the lash line was hers and it's really Sky's best friend's company.

"But @alycatlash Isn't Your BRAND it's My BESTFRIEND @honeystarr Lash Line @rah_ali #SkyCode #BLACKINKCREW"

Then Rah got in Sky's comments saying that she must be just looking for attention from a blog. (Hi, that's us!)

"You must be trying to get mention on a blog. BUT when I whoop that ass OFF CAMERA, you gone realize you should've minded your MF business. You don't know WHAT THE F--- I HAVE CLOWN B---H @flyyytattedsky. Sky responded saying, "LETS GET IT POPPIN"

Then Sky was plain playing eating fries and asking where's the beef.


But Rashidah didn't like that too much and she went AWF.

Rashida basically said Sky's all talk.

And Sky was responded saying that her hands are good.

We really hope these two don't fight.

It's still unclear what the beef is about but we sure hope these ladies find a way to put get past this. Are you Team Sky or Team Rah?