This Woman Looks Like the Perfect Blend of Tara and Amina — and Social Media is Going Nuts

"Now Peter's problems are solved." #TarMina

We all know that in the perfect world, (or at least Peter Gunz' perfect world) Peter would be with both his ex Tara Wallace and his estranged wife, Amina Buddafly. Unfortunately, the world is far from perfect, but it is fun to pretend, eh?

Recently comedian Jess Hilarious, famous herself for her impersonation of Tara, posted a photo of a woman with a striking resemblance to Love & Hip Hop's most infamous frenemies, with the following caption: "But wait! She looks like Tara and Amina. Peter would love her!"

Fans couldn't help but go crazy in the comments, with such remarks as "Wow, she really does look like both," and "Peter's problems are officially solved!" They even dubbed the double-doppelgänger "TarMina." Ha!

Whoever the mystery woman is, one thing is for sure, it's quite the compliment to look like not one, but two, beautiful women. Winning!

On the flip side, Amina and Tara recently got together "for the kids," and squashed all their baby mama beef! Check out the two gals hugging it out: