The 'Tough Love: CoEd' Interview With Kyle, Miss Disconnected

Up until now on Tough Love:CoEd, the Hot Seat has been occupied by the men of the group. This week, however, it was Kyle, Miss Disconnected who landed there. Throughout her date, she provided bland conversation and avoided talking about herself, and an observing focus group of men turned the temperature up on her seat, making her squirm. We spoke to Kyle to find out what it was like to be in the figurative and literal hot seats this week.

Overall, how was your experience being on the show?

It was a really, really great experience. Being a fan of the show, I feel like viewers, if they get the opportunity to be on the show, I feel like think they know what they're getting themselves into but they really have no idea. It was one of the best experiences of my life and at times it was one of the worst experiences of my life, but I don't regret anything and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

How do you feel about the label "Miss Disconnected"? Was that accurate in your opinion?

Yeah. At first I didn't understand. And it could have been worse. I could have been Miss High Maintenance. I love Porsche to death and she is so proud that she's high maintenance, but me, I am about as low-maintenance as they come. I'm pretty fuss-free. I think my name was pretty spot-on, although I never realized it with the talking and the long-distance dating, I never realized how disconnected I was, so it's something I'm working on.

Since you were a fan of the show already, what was the biggest difference between what you assumed it would be like and what it was really like?

I assumed that it was going to be all girls, obviously, I mean, we had no clue it was going to be co-ed until that first episode. And for me, just living in a house with the cameras on you 24-7 was really hard. I'm also a host and a correspondent so I'm used to being on-camera for a living but this is completely different because they're in your face, they're always around you and even when you're sleeping, there are still hidden cameras on you. And just living in a house with seven other huge personalities was really hard because at the end of the day we're like one big family and we went through an experience that no one else will ever go through but at times we wanted to kill each other.

You mentioned that the experience was, at times, one of the hardest experiences of your life, was the Hot Seat one of those difficult moments?

Yes, that was difficult because you always think that you do very well. I always thought that I was taking Steve's advice and I was doing awesome, and then you get put in the Hot Seat. I was thinking, "Why am I in the Hot Seat?" I thought Porsche should be in the Hot Seat that week, but it was me. I actually got pretty lucky though because Steve didn't yell at me, he didn't go off on me, so I felt like I did well even though I had some tears.

I feel like a light bulb went on and I was like, oh, okay, I get it now. I'm a talker, I talk all the time, it's something I've always worked on, it's one of my biggest flaws, and I know that. But in terms of asking surface questions and how they relate to me being disconnected, I didn't realize that was what it was all about until I was on the Hot Seat.

Was the Hot Seat a turning point for you then in the course of this boot camp?

Yes, 100%. I think that from here on out you'll be seeing a lot more of me. I think the first two episodes I was kind of in the wings, there wasn't anything to really show me out, but from here on out I think viewers will be seeing a lot more of me and they'll be happy because I pretty much just go up from here.