Mayte Garcia's New Memoir Details Prince as a Father to Their Late Son Amiir and The Loss That Tore Them Apart

"I don't think he ever got over it."

It's hard to believe that we're a month away from the one-year anniversary of Prince's untimely passing. However, for fans still coping with the loss of the late 57-year-old singer, there is some bittersweet news. Recently Prince's ex wife, Mayte Garcia, revealed the release of her memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince, which will touch on Prince's life as an artist, husband and yes, a father. Back on October 16, 1996, Prince became the father to a little boy named Amiir - Arabic for prince.

Unfortunately, the baby had Pfeiffer syndrome type 2, a rare genetic disorder which includes systematic abnormalities and several bodily deformities. Amiir lived just six days. Although Prince's time as a parent was short-lived, Mayte admits the loss of their child had an everlasting effect on both of them, and their relationship, something she discussed on VH1's Hollywood Exes in the past.

"I don’t think he ever got over it. I don’t know how anybody can get over it. I know I haven’t."

In her memoir, the Hollywood Exes star details the intimate moments from when she and Prince first found out she was pregnant, to news of the baby's health complications and then later, his death.

"I don’t know how to describe the look on my husband’s face [when I had Amiir]. Pure joy. And then they held the baby up to those harsh lights, the elation on my husband’s face turned to pure terror."

"Pfeiffer syndrome type 2 is a genetic disorder that causes skeletal and systematic abnormalities. The premature fusing of the bones in the skull, sometimes resulting in ‘cloverleaf skull,’ in which the eyes are outside the sockets. The fusion of bones in the hands and feet causing a webbed or pawlike appearance...I learned all of this later."

Although doctors warned Mayte and Prince of possible complications with the pregnancy (Mayte experienced some bleeding and abnormal ultrasounds), and the suspecting parents were strongly urged to perform an amniocentesis to test her fetus for genetic abnormalities, Prince refused. The procedure came with the possibility of miscarrying, something the then 22-year-old Mayte feared, and her husband didn't feel was worth the risk. Instead, Mayte said her and the singer relied on their good faith.

"[We'd pray,] 'please, bless this child. We know you won’t allow this child to be harmed.'"

However, days after his birth, Prince and Mayte knew that they'd be leaving the hospital without their son.

"After six days he was struggling to breathe and I said to the doctor, ‘He’s not leaving here, is he?'"

Mayte admits that the reason for her memoir is to show another side of the late artist, who passed away last April due to an overdose. Despite the negative press Prince would receive throughout his career and following his death, Mayte hopes to encourage and promote her late-ex in a more positive light.

Mayyte's memoir The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince will be available for purchase on March 17.