Will There Be A 'Love Actually 2'? The Cast Weighs In On The Chances Of A Sequel

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It's been 10 years since the release of Love Actually, and we're bringing you as much celebratory content as possible to honor a film so many of us cherish. Watching it every year (or more) will typically suffice, but what happens when you get an itch for more Billy Mack that you just can't scratch? What are he and his manager, Joe, lovebirds Jamie and Aurélia, and Colin, God of sex, and all of his American lassies, doing right now? After such success, we can't help but wonder if the team behind the film has ever contemplated a sequel. So we asked!

To find out what the chances are of Love Actually 2 hitting theaters in the near future, check out what cast members and director Richard Curtis had to say. It can't hurt to keep your fingers crossed, too.

Bill Nighy (Billy Mack): "Like a shot. I would be very, very happy. In fact, let's... why aren't we doing that? I'd be very happy to be doing that; I'd be very happy to get back into Lycra."

Andrew Lincoln (Mark): "Yeah, of course!"

Elisha Cuthbert (Carol-Anne): "It’s such a wonderful film, I mean absolutely. I’d work with Richard any day of the week. Hopefully [Carol-Anne is] doing well and married and sort of out of trouble. But [she'd] be married to a Brit. She certainly likes the accent."

Richard Curtis, Director: "I don't think I will do a Love Actually sequel even though I do sometimes think about how those relationships will be going on. It was really hard to get Love Actually right, and I think if we did another one we might not get so lucky."

We know they've each gone on to new, exciting projects, but the overwhelming majority clearly wants to get the band back together. Leave it to the director to be practical.

[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures]