Jessie Ware Imitates Alicia Keys's Spoken Word Verse In "You Don't Know My Name"

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Jessie Ware loves Sade. And Aaliyah. Her south London tight-knit Jewish family upbringing was a house filled with soul and R&B. It's no wonder she digs the sultry Alicia Keys's spoken word bit on "You Don't Know My Name."

"It's so good," she said before breaking out into her own imitation of Alicia's spoken word. "Yeah the waitress from the coffee house, yeah I always make sure you have extra cream or whatever," Jessie jokingly recited. When we told Jessie that Alicia revealed during her VH1 Storytellers that she was in the studio with Kanye West when she freestyled the entire verse Jessie was all the more impressed. Loving Alicia's skills to come up with an entire faux phone conversation skit off the top of her dome aside, she's a huge fan of the "You Don't Know My Name" singer. "I went to see her...just her and the piano," she said. "It was spellbinding!"

But Jessie wasn't done imitating. "Hold up, hold up, my cell phone's breaking up..." she joked. "It's just like, how did that come out?" Jessie just may have a future in doing skits on rapper's albums as a side hustle.


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