Tommie is Arrested For Allegedly Making Violent Threats Towards Joseline, Says She Will Try to Handle It Like a Lady and Not "Take It to the Streets"

"Try, emphasis on TRY."

Stevie J accompanies Tommie to the precinct in an effort to avoid her arrest, but she gets locked up anyway for a situation involving Joseline in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight.

A while back, Tommie was involved in an incident where she allegedly threatened to harm Joseline via gun play.

Tommie adamantly denies this and even asks Stevie to come along with her to the precinct to vouch for her to the 5-0. The boys weren't trying to hear Stevie or Tommie and after informing her they already have a warrant, she is immediately locked up. Tommie is no stranger to this and takes her punishment like a G. She's focused on bailing herself out to be there for her kids and is hoping that when she's out she can handle this situation like a lady.

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