Rah Ali is Not At All New and Has Always Been Ten Toes Down No Matter the Person, Time, or Place

If you didn't know, well now you know.

Act like you watch VH1.

Following an eventful weekend, there's been a lot of chatter about Nicki Minaj's entourage, including Love & Hip Hop alumna Rah Ali. When news broke that there was an incident between the Pink Print rapper and Cardi B, many were wondering who this "Rah" was and began confusing her with former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga. Even rapper Rah was confused about it all.

Wayment wayment... I was trending for fighting Cardi? Why am I just finding this out?!?!? 😂😂😂 I'm home tryna binge watch Ozark 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Too bad i dont have new music to drop. Gosh darn it. Now back to the cartel...

— Rah Digga (@therealrahdigga) September 8, 2018

For those of you who be knowing, Rah Ali has been in the industry and whether you're a die-hard Love & Hip Hop fan or not, here are a few things to know about Rah.

For one, Rah is clearly not her whole first name.

Rashidah Ali is her govvy, mmk? So no more confusing her with Rah Digga.

She recently got married.

Rashida has been awfully quiet about who the man in her life is since their engagement back in 2013. Although we still don't know and probably won't for a while, we do know that last summer, the two sneaky lovebirds got hitched in Miami. All posts related to their union have since been deleted from social media but this YouTube video should do.

Rah has always been ready to rumble.

Like a true lil mama from the Bronx, Rah is always alert and TTG: Trained To Go. Take this throwback clip for example. When she spotted Yandy in the strip club all "keke" with someone Rah allegedly wasn't cool with, the stiletto expert had no problem kicking hers off to run the poor girl down. It probably, definitely wasn't the best place to fight but this is definitive proof that Rah has always been with the s--ts.

Rah and Yandy haven't always been cool and that may be because she used to do the secks with Mendeecees.

Although he wasn't there to defend himself (or confirm the situation), Rah dropped a bombshell at the LHH season three reunion when she claimed that she and Mendeecess used to get freaky. Rah even goes in on Mendeecees' um, "mandingo" and welp, just watch to see how Rah rated sex with him.

She was close friends with Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozada and got into it with Jennifer Williams.

The season seven finale of Basketball Wives wasn't the first time Jen was checked. Rah Ali appeared on season one (yes ONE) of the series where she got into it with Jen for sis' attitude. Talk about a forewarning.

She is a shoe stylist to the stars.

Known as the "shoe broker," Rah's skill in choosing the perfect shoe has landed her A-list clients such as Cassie, Kim Kardashian, and Amber Rose. Back in 2012, Rah launched her own private line, Encore, where she shared her personal designs in the form of platform heels. In the video above, she celebrated the launch with close friends at the time such as Yandy Smith-Harris, Tahiry, and Mob Wives star Romana Rizzo. In an interview with Raq Rants last year, Rah explained that as a "stiletto-expert," she keeps her clients styling and profiling, despite their budget.

Rah Ali's willingness to "speak her mind" got her into trouble with Tahiry and Joe Budden.

Welp, although Tahiry was Rah Ali's close friend their friendship didn't last. At the season four reunion of Love & Hip Hop, Rah got bold by basically telling Tahiry that she posts the raunchy photos she used to because "that's the only way she would ever get love from a man." That disrespect had Tahiry's boyfriend at the time, Joe Budden, speaking up in defense of his then-lady. Nothing went too far, though. With all of the threats that were flying, security came in extra early like, "Nah, y'all. Not today, I gotta be home soon."

She once accused K.Michelle of being a biter.

Right as K.Michelle was set to leave Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and join the season four cast of Love & Hip Hop, Rah accused the R&B singer of "swagger jacking," her whole red-hair-don't-care look.

She fought Sky in the Black Ink shop.

What started as an Instagram beef over eyelashes spilled into a physical fight at Black Ink. In 2015, Sky took offense to Rah's post which seemingly led people to believe that "Lash Line" was hers. Sky wasted no time clearing up who the line really belonged to and it has been an "on-sight" situation ever since. Wigs were definitely harmed in that epic brawl that left Cease with nothing to say other than a pitiable, "Bye, Rah."

And then they fought again at Diddy's New Year's party.

As I said, it has always been "on-sight" ever since, meaning it could go down anywhere, including at an event thrown by Diddy, yes, Puff Daddy, Sean Puffy Combs, Diddy, Diddy. The fight reportedly took place on the red carpet where Sky allegedly tried to hug Rah Ali. Not sure if Sky was going to pull the ol'okie doke, Rah began hitting Sky and was eventually escorted out of the party. Yikes.

She has a VLOG with former Basketball Wives LA star Brooke Bailey.

Rah and Brooke Bailey have a Youtube Channel fittingly called ONSITE!TV where the ladies cook, fool around, and talk all things pop culture.

She used to be super tight with Remy Ma.

In 2015, no one could tell Remy ish about Rah Ali. That was her hitter. Papoose was never shy in vocalizing his dislike of that friendship but Remy continued to ride for Rah, for a while.

Then, Remy and Rah had a falling out.

They didn't ride together for much longer because in April of 2017, Rah sent out a press release revealing that she and Remy are no longer friends following Rah's appearance in Nicki Minaj's "No Frauds" music video. Rah went on to further explain that since their fallout, she's grown close to the rapper (and Remy's adversary) and wanted to make it clear that it was not out of spite. Since they stopped hanging with one another, Rah revealed that she and Remy would more than likely never be friends again. Tragic.

Obviously, she is still super close to Nicki.

In a recent interview with OK Magazine, Rah continued to stan for her bestie by raving about Nicki's latest project, the Queen album.

Rah may talk a lot of s---t that gets her into some major trouble but one thing that is consistent is her willingness to back that s---t up. Rah will always be Rah no matter the time, the place, or the person.