Tamar Braxton Really Wants to End Her Feud With Tiny, But She Has Some Words For "Paperback Toya"

Tay Tay too petty. ?


Toya Wright has since responded to the Tamar's statement, calling the singer a "jealous attention fiend" and issuing a little plug that she'll be dropping a new "paperback" in July.

Meanwhile, Tiny is still hoping that Tamar and Toya can work things out because "life is too short."


Even when Tamar Braxton swallows her pride and apologizes, she loves to throw in a little petty for good measure. Case in point: her "apology" to former BFF Tiny.

According to Tamar's latest Instagram post, she is ready to patch things up with Tiny, who she had been on the outs with for the better part of a year. This was all inspired by an Instagram post Tiny had posted wishing Tamar's son Logan, who also happens to be her Godson, a happy birthday. T.I. added his two cents in the comments section, suggesting that its immature of Tiny and Tamar to still not be on speaking terms and that it's past time for them to squash their beef.

After some self-reflection, Tamar came to the conclusion that she and Tiny have been tight for too long to let their friendship fall by the wayside and made a peace offering (of sorts) to Tiny via social media. There's just one condition - "paperback Toya" can't be part of the mix. She also offers to sing at T.I. and Tiny's vow renewal ceremony, which was news to us since its pretty common knowledge that the couple is getting divorced.

Tiny and Tamar's longstanding feud started shortly after Tamar was axed from The Real. Tiny congratulated singer Monica on her guest host appearance the following season, which was enough to turn Tamar completely off and sever their friendship. She cut off ex-friendToya Wright in similar fashion after the reality star also appeared as a guest on Tamar's old show. Whew - this is a lot but it gets better.

The internet can't seem to get past the "Paperback Toya" bit.

Never one to let a swipe at her parents slide, Toya's daughter Reginae chimed in to let it be known that she is not playing games with Tamar.

And just as we were about to hit publish on this piece...voila! Tiny quickly grabbed hold of Tamar's olive branch and agreed to let bygones be bygones. "You are family to me! Time to kiss & makeup," Tiny confessed.

Amen! We're glad that's all settled! But wouldn't this have been better sorted out, you know, through a phone call? Dah, well!

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